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Current catalogues are under Pages below. Leslie, I hope that you will report back on the results of your trial. You can grow edgeworthia as you would a daphne, in well-amended, well-drained soils. [4] Species [ edit] Species list from both GRIN [5] and ThePlantList [6] Cooperative Extension prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy), disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and veteran status. My best guess is too much wetness, although there was no obvious ground saturation, and it sits on a slight down-slope. Next year I will tackle it earlier, when the blooms start getting ragged, and not wait for them all to drop. It is gorgeous in the winter. Beautiful shape and the smell is out of this world. Pruning may be considered heresy, but I also need some light through that window. This large, sculptural shrub commanded attention in the center of a network of pathways. However, mine sailed through our harsh winter with -10 F (10 degrees below our supposed zone low) and bloomed. Prices range from $20 for species to $25 for 'Red Dragon . Paperbush is a deciduous shrub from China with flexible, almost rubbery candelabra-like stems that bear lush, tropical-looking, plumeria-like leaves with silvery-white veins. The branch would have become damaged from rubbing on the house and I did not want that. Plants growing in too much sun will need supplemental watering during summer. That is my sole experience. They all demand highly organic, fast-draining soil. I didnt think it would be hardy farther north than zone 7. The oldest reference to it growing in the US that I have found is 1993 at the fairgrounds in Raleigh. Do you have any experience with pests/diseases on this plant? I have been hesitant to say that edgeworthia are indestructible because there arent many in our area, zone 6b/7. All the edgeworthias I have ever seen do that. My 2 Edgeworthia survived a brutal 5B winter of extended -20s. My 1990 edition of Michael Dirrs Manual of Woody Landscape Plants contains no mention of it, and it was not covered in my 1994 Longwood course, Deciduous Flowering Shrubs II. I was a little surprised given the success I have had with these in all kinds of sites (wet/dry, sun/shade). Donna, I only know of one nursery that supplies it down here. This summer they will probably have to fend for themselves. What town and zone are you in? Yet ww had no rain 4 months till the end of September. Anything is possible, especially with these mild winters. Edgeworthia - Growing Guide Deciduous Or evergreen shrubs with tough, lance-shaped leaves. One year later, voila. Read up on some of our favorite shrubs and remember, this is only a smattering of the variety of shrubs we carry all year long! It reaches about 5 tall and 6 wide. Now I wish I had ordered a paper bush! P.S. Flowers in clusters of 35 or more at branch tips, slightly fragrant, each flower is about 1.5 cm long, a 4-lobed silky calyx, white on the outside with a yellow . Vickie, Yes, edgeworthias can get quite large when they are happy. As Carolyn says Time will tell., Joyce, I planted my larger edgeworthia last spring and am amazed that every bud opened this spring. Read our Commitment to Diversity | Read our Privacy Statement. Seed - best sown as soon as it is ripe in a cold frame. The flower clusters vary from orange to red shade compared to the other Oriental paperbush with a yellowish tint. [Note:Carolyns Shade Gardens is retail nursery located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Trying my first Camellia hybrid, April Kiss now. I did have to take off a branch that was against the house and I hated every second of it. However it gets very hot here in the summer, 90 to 100 degrees routinely in July and August and there is usually a drought. Carolyn, I have an Edgeworthia in Seattle (zone 8) which does very well except that about 10% of the leaves become distorted each year in a way that looks like some kind of virus. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Each 1 plus bud resembles an intricately designed tassel on the corner of an elegant Victorian pillow. Superb in shape and form, Paperbush is a wonderful plant to combine with shade-tolerant evergreens and wildflowers. Nakai belongs to Thymelaeaceae family, its alabastrum is used as the traditional Chinese medicine 'Buddleja Officinalis Maxim'. Leaves lend a tropical look during summer and fall. Insects, Diseases, and Other Plant Problems:No significant problems. Its planted in full shade but sometime in the summer it needs extra water due to the heat in the air and dryness of the soil. Maintenance on this plant is minimal, prune to remove diseases or damaged branches. Blooms in winter when leafless. Stress. We have very rainy season and very dry season and our weather is, most of the time, very hot. I hope it wont be a problem. It is such a beautiful plant. It flowers on old wood so you would want to prune it right after it blooms. Le tronc est court et disparat petit petit dans les branchages. The only plants that we ship are snowdrops and miniature hostas. When the leaves drop, they reveal the slender and pliable reddish-brown bark seen above. This trait is shared with no other known flowering plant. Kathy, How exciting! Accept The falling leaves also reveal edgeworthias striking architectural habit. How It Grows Paper bush spreads by rhizomes but isn't invasive, and generally forms a dense, slowly expanding clump of long, pliable stems. Also, would water absorbing/ retaining additives, root-grow fungi to the planting mix, pebbles around the base to keep it cool in summer, to help it survive a drought, if there would be noone to water it? Perfect as a specimen plant, for shrub borders, foundation plantings, or containers. Anu, I dont have rabbits so am not sure what they will bother. Edgeworthias seem to be very hardy, but I will not test mine. Any compost will do, it doesnt have to be from leaves. Call us: (919) 577-9901. My Edgeworthia is now about 7 feet tall and as wide at this point. At least, I say I would. Notes: Every word that appears in orange on my blog is a link that you can click for more information. Liane, thanks for commenting on pruning. Robyn, My edgeworthia in a more exposed site did not bloom last year either. Carolyn. Akebono, which is an Edgworthia papyrifera, not an E. chrysantha (although there is some confusion), is not hardy here in zone 7A, southeastern PA. Edgeworthia chrysantha and its cultivars like Winter Gold are completely hardy, although the buds will freeze in extremely cold winters like 2017-2018, and there may be some branch die back. Edgeworthia is native to China and was named for Michael Edgeworth (1812 to 1881), a plant collector for the East India Company. Also, I am planning some landscaping within a paved courtyard, and wondering if you can suggest a small, unusual, flowering tree (preferably evergreen). Genus: Edgeworthia Named for M.P. Its in (what will be) high shade most of the day, some sun in the late afternoon. Leslie, Thanks for reporting about your experience. Name: Edgeworthia chrysantha Common name: Paperbush Description: Deciduous shrub reaching 5-6 feet tall and wide. Dear Carolyn, I have just planted one in a sheltered location in Kirkland Wa, outside of Seattle. Click here to get to the home page of our website for catalogues and information about our nursery and to subscribe to our blog. Each time new leaves form at the top of a branch, a lower leaf turns yellow and drops off, it does this all summer long. I live in MD, and my garden is fenced against deer, but we do have a resident bunny. These seeds were collected from Edgeworthia chrysantha, also known as Oriental paperbush, and mitsumata. Nice idea on the planter. Carolyn, do you think mine might be struggling because it was brought from England which has a much wetter climate. Carolyn. I am obviously worried about hardiness, so winter protection is an issue. Hello Nikolay, I am a retail nursery. I dont have a recommended mail order source. I dont even plant plants that require extra water. Glad you enjoyed it. Or daphne, since they are similar. Consumer and Community Horticulture Professor and Extension Specialist, N.C. It has come back well, however, with very little die back. Hope that helps. As to size, papyrifera may go well over 6x6 in time, as I have one that is there in 6 years (in half sun). The papyrifera is much less cold harder and vigorous. Can I get on the list for an edgeworthia in April? Also, I want ti transplant it now, not in Spring, as I will not be here then. Here it needs part shade, but I would imagine it would want more sun farther north. My 1990 edition of Michael Dirrs. Im partial to her because a previous boss said it would never make it It begins to bloom in December, when its nothing but a bare silhouette in the garden, and continues through the winter. Perhaps it is similar ? I am wondering if you, Carolyn, have been able to locate any new ones. This well-branched, well-formed shrub begins forming its silvery buds in late summer into fall, adding interest to your fall garden. My previous was around 50 feet from our door, but if the wind was right in March, the fragrance was apparent. Pingback: A Few Winter Blooms at Swarthmore College | Stately Kitsch A Few Winter Blooms at Swarthmore College | Design for the modern older home owner. Origin: Found in the woodlands of the Himalayas and China. Thanks for helping make this plant known. You need a protected microclimate in your garden. We get so attached to our plantsor is it just me? Do you have that experience or do you water them? Edgeworthia thrives in partial shade and appreciates well-enriched, moist soil. It is native to woodland areas in the Himalayas and China. Im wondering if its worth trying, and pruning the plant as I go to keep things more manageable. The silky hairs glow in the light, and the plant looks like it is covered with hundreds of silver flowerssimply breathtaking. Hello, I am in zone 7b. You could try Paxson Hill Farm in New Hope. Cultivar: Akebono Common Name: Paperbush Plant type: Deciduous Shrub Height: 5' - 6' Bloom Time: February - March Flower Color: Red/Orange Exposure: Part Shade or Shade Soil Requirements: Moisture-retentive, Fertile Loamy Soil Water Needs: Medium Attributes: Winter Interest, Tubular Fragrant Flowers borne on bare stems, Silky Silver Buds Note: Related to Daphnes, Inner bark used in . Mine faces southeast with a wall and shrubs behind it so it is protected from winter winds. Edgeworthia chrysantha also known as paper bush is a collectors plant. Hi Nikolay, Fun to get a comment from your part of the world. Here it is an unusual and elegant four season ornamental notable for its leaves, buds, flowers, and habit. Native to China and the Himalayas, E. papyrifera has been used to make fine paper for eons. Ive seen edgeworthia in a couple nurseries around here, and though the buds and blooms were beautiful, I thought the young plants looked awkward as they were basically a stick with a few measly little branches at the top. I hope something works for you soon. Edgeworthia chrysantha Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Grandiflora' Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Nanjing Gold' | plant lust The Scott Arboretum plant has been in the ground since 2003, and I think Charless may be older because its much bigger. You can also purchase paper bushes from . Carolyn. I have mine in a 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and 5 feet long, container that I built and the container is in a protected locationsheltering the plant from full sun and winds. Carolyn. Carolyn. I like everything about this plant, its lovely bark, growing habit, the exciting anticipation through the winter seeing the lovely silky buds waiting to burst, the joy the flowers give us in the spring, and the tropical showy leaves in the summer. Two of the most common names of Edgeworthia are: Paper Bush Oriental paperbush Edgeworthia papyrifera Edgeworthia Flower Care Size and Growth Edgeworthia is a giant flowering shrub, reaching up to 6' - 8' feet tall. 9000 SE Division, Portland, OR 97266. Botanical Name: Edgeworthia chrysantha Common Name: Paperbush Family: Thymelaceae Hardiness: USDA Zones 7-9 Size: 10' tall x 10' wide Location: Full shade to part sun Soil: Moist and well-drained Bloom Time: Winter Foliage: Deciduous with yellow fall color Happy Growing Overall, I am a huge fan of paperbush and I think you will be too! Whatever plant youre writing about I want to have it! Member Discounts. edgeworthia varieties. . Christina. Carolyn. I looked it up on my local nursery website they do have stock but unfortunately, its recommended for a sheltered spot here in Scotland and as my garden is quite open mainly due to plants being immature. But my worries are not that much about the hardiness as about the drought and heat tolerance in summer, as it is hot and quite dry in summer. The first photo in the post of the Scott plant was taken in 2012 and the last picture in the post is of the same plant in 2006 so that gives you some idea. But I guess we have a micro-climate factor that works against me, otherwise known as the whims of Mother Nature. This edgeworthia is pictured at the very end of January and is in the Isabelle Cosby Courtyard at the Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. I am to apply some healthy soil bacteria roo to lower the transplant. Janet, Thanks for all that great growing information. I was out snapping photos of mine today and was stunned at just how pretty they can be. Edgeworthia tomentosa (Thunb.) Carolyn. They do great here, lots of blooms, growing large, 66 after 5 years. I make a habit of gifting it to others so I can see more of them! The reason it is in a planter is because I want to smell that heavenly fragrance each time I come and go from my front door in the winter. If the whole plant looks mopey as sometimes happen, I will water it (but not otherwise). I have always wanted one but was told it wasnt hardy in my climate (5 southwestern CT). It does get a little morning sun. Carolyn. Thank you, Carolyn. It is in a protected location, with morning sun, well mulched with my compostbut no mulch on the trunk, kept evenly moist, and the planter drains well. Online Data Storage. You can help woodland plants fight disease by adding plenty of soil conditioner to your clay soil before planting. Liz, maybe an edgeworthia bonsai is in your future. I have a corylopsis not pauciflora, I forget which one but this year it has doubled in size and was loaded with beautiful yellow chains of flowers last spring. Cooperative Extension has offices in every county, Request and Invitation to Upcoming Classes, Edgeworthia Brightens the Winter Landscape, Bulbs, Corms and Tubers That Can Be Planted in Spring, Native Plants for Craven County Landscapes, 11. Will he destroy the edgeworthia? Im in north Georgia, and I fell in love with this plant when I first saw it. If you are still interested, you could contact me at the end of March and ask about the status. Carolyn. It eventually reaches 7 feet high and wide and makes a nice stand-alone specimen or back-of-the-border choice. Although hardy to -5C (23F), this deciduous, spreading shrub benefits from a sheltered position prevent frost damage to the flowers. If the shrub has really outgrown its original spot, then I would move it and hope for the best because what choice do you have? Griffin, GA, Anna, thanks for adding to the information about edgeworthia. Tiny tubular flowers with no petals in dense umbels of 40 golden yellow flowers. Hi Carolyn, this plant was a favorite in the 2011 Native & Deciduous Shrubs class at Longwood. I cant wait to care for these and see if I can be successful. Well, I did not really think any one would pay attention to my comment so did not check here. Another try for dry weather is Transatlantica Eternal Fragrance. We keep an eye out and bring them in whenever we find them, but this is rare. It eventually reaches 7 feet high and wide and makes a nice stand-alone specimen or back-of-the-border choice. Edgeworthias have supple, bendy and papery bark with dark green obovate leaves. Large varieties can become up to 8 feet high . I do not fertilize mine but you could try it. To join the customer email list, see Welcome above. Create long-lasting, pleasing contrasts in your garden. Their scent will hang beautifully in the air! A: Edgeworthia is a great shrub but it can easily grow to six feet high and ten feet wide, much larger than most gardeners consider when planting. Barbara, I remember the first time I saw the buds. I recall seeing similar on my previous edgeworthia. I have found it to be drought tolerant after the first year, unless we are in a bad drought situation. You dont have to worry about missing the scent of the blooms, but you may want to plant edgeworthia within reach of passersby because the foliage invites handling. It is not supposed to be as hardy. It has partial sun/high shade. If you are interested in shopping here, send us an email with your full name, address, and cell number to carolyn@carolynsshadegardens.com. hayworth hicks on paternity court,